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Ginge's Column - Go Hard, or Go Home

Scott 'Ginge' Partington has been part of the Discipline family for years. When he's not on his skateboard he's a widely published freelance writer and avid woodworker. This is his semi/regular column, enjoy.
Well its nearly the weekend, not for you as I am writing this in the past, yes I am a time traveller.
I can not wait to skate this weekend. I have no idea where I am going but I want to have a heavy session. I want to have a session that after its done, you are sore, bloody and smiling.  
You know that type of session, when you are on the way home, and all you can do is talk about the session and all the 'what the fuck' moments you just witnessed!When your mates are killing it and you step it up and you all serve up a can of whoop ass to the spot. That's the session I would love to have this weekend, who wants to join me?  
This weekend, let's all go hard or go home. It is a mantra that we should all live by, it is this mantra that makes the skate world such a wonder world to live!

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