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The Thinking, The Striving, The Breathing

Discipline TM Mat Lloyd is interviewed in the latest episode of a great new podcast called, 'The Thinking, The Striving, The Breathing'. It aims to showcase inspirational personalities (their words not ours) and delve into what drives them.  We always assumed with Mat is was coffee and peanut butter, turns out it's not.

The host (Toffy) and Mat discuss careers, skateboarding, smoking, spoken word, inspiration and much more. Listen to Mat say the word 'like' way too much and the host slip in a mum joke, keep your eye out for that one! The podcast is positive and just long enough to listen to on your morning commute.

Listen via iTunes or soundclound, and don't forget to subscribe!

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We are an independent skateboard company based in the south. We have been putting out boards and supporting a team of riders since 2007. We are supported by a small network of independent skate shops. Fuck big business, fuck fashion, this is skateboarding!


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