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A little advice before you ask; Do you sponsor?

I'm always stoked when someone takes the time to contact us direct.  And we (Ginge also mans the eMail) are normally pretty swift to respond.  Discipline has been going for nearly nine years and our boards have been sent all over the UK, also as far as France and Australia.  We are pretty honest and don't hide the fact that we are small, and UK based.

Since we started back in 2007 Discipline has sponsored a small number of riders and have always listed them on our website.  We've put out edits and promoted each riders individual projects; Ginge runs Gone Skating Studio, Simon is the drummer for Saving Sebastian and if you've ever spent time with Damian Todd I'm sure he'll tell you the story about that time he did Adele's video...

I suppose this is a round about way to point out that if you're thinking of asking for sponsorship, it's probably best to do your research.  I now work for VANS but previously I worked at DC, Ive seen plenty of sponsor me emails, letters and even a DV tape sent in the post.  I've seen people get flowed, get on the team and simply get sent a box full of product because the edit they sent showed potential. I've also seen people send one line emails saying 'Sponsor me', yep just that, no video links, or pictures or even reasons why you want to ride for 'insert company name here'.

Years ago when I went for my interview at VANS, what do you think I wore?  Yep VANS!  When I did my presentation to the management, do you think I slipped in a picture of me skating in VANS, damn straight!!!  Had I researched the company history despite having worn VANS for years, hell yes, the more info the better!!!

What I'm trying to say is, if you want to get sponsored, don't start your pitch with 'Do you sponsor?' what that says is; you know nothing about the company you want to represent.  In regards to Discipline it says, you haven't even checked out the website.

For me a good 'Sponsor Me' email includes videos/photos of the skater repping the brand they want to ride for, this shows that whether sponsored or not, you're really are into it.  Otherwise it just looks like a cut and paste from yet another person looking for free shit, rather than supporting the scene.

Check out Transworld Skateboarding 8 Steps to an airtight sponsor me video
For more tongue-in-cheek look at Sponsor Me tapes check out Jenkem

Mat Lloyd

Mat Lloyd is the Team Manager and Genereal Mouth Piece for Discipline Skateboards.  He's also a published Poet and Spoken word Artist.  Find out more at www.MatLloyd.com

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We are an independent skateboard company based in the south. We have been putting out boards and supporting a team of riders since 2007. We are supported by a small network of independent skate shops. Fuck big business, fuck fashion, this is skateboarding!


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