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Sneak Peek - Locals Only

We’ve been busy editing, designing, testing, and now we’re ready to print. 

After toying around with the idea of a locals only/baker tribute for ages, and with the recent demise of FALLEN we figured it was time.  When we release this graphic in a couple of months (in time for summer) there will be a run of t-shirts to go with it. Now as always we need to keep supporting our local skate scene and we can do that by supporting our local skate shops!!!

Go out, find your local skate shop, find your local skate brands, and show them some love. This isn’t about DISCIPLINE, this is about skateboarding!

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We are an independent skateboard company based in the south. We have been putting out boards and supporting a team of riders since 2007. We are supported by a small network of independent skate shops. Fuck big business, fuck fashion, this is skateboarding!


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