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Ginge's Column - Google that kids

Scott 'Ginge' Partington has been part of the Discipline family for years. When he's not on his skateboard he's a widely published freelance writer and avid woodworker. This is his semi/regular column, enjoy.

The first skate video I ever watched from a skateboard company was Flip Sorry.  I had seen the Thrasher video Jaded and the UK skate video Focal Point before that, but then I saw Flip Sorry...and everything changed!

Don't get me wrong, Caswell Berry killed it in Jaded, but then my dad came round on Christmas day and gave me a present that still impacts my life to this day, Flip - Sorry. I put it into the VHS player, (kids,  Google that) and then the clock started, tick, tock, tick, tock. 

I still remember the look on my mums face when Johnny Rotten came on the screen and I also remember the feeling of seeing every section. I am sure I destroyed that tape watching it over and over again. 

Flip Sorry had it all, the best street skaters, the best park skaters and the best vert skaters of the time. Each and every section was the best that it could be. Every single section hit its mark perfectly, you had technical ability mixed with a couple of crazy bastards and everyone changed the game in their own way. 

I am so glad I saw that video when I did, it was so important to me and I guess it was to a lot of people who started skating when I did. 

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