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Ginge's Column - Skating to Freedom

Scott 'Ginge' Partington has been part of the Discipline family for years. When he's not on his skateboard he's a widely published freelance writer and avid woodworker. This is his semi/regular column, enjoy.

I have had many jobs in my life! As I have no qualifications to speak of, most of them have been in retail, which everyone should do once in their life as it gives you an understanding of why we have such poor customer service in this country! I also worked in a laundrette factory where I folded 3000 items of clothing a day on a machine, you put the clothes in, they come out folded, you put them in again, 3000 times, all day long, waiting for the weekend when I could skate.

I love skateboarding and basically I have searched high and low for a job that was as fun as skating since I left school. As I’m sure you know, not many of them exist! I was luckily enough, last year, to find such a job, I became a freelance writer and that has now evolved into woodworking and using old skateboards to create bowls and stuff.

Now I'm as free as I am when I'm on my board and I am loving every minute of it. Skateboarding to me is freedom and all I wanted to do was find a job that meant the same. That meant that I could do whatever I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted, that's what skateboarding is to me, skateboarding is your way, all the way and its taught me to want the same out of life.

Find out more from Scott:

Twitter @sdpartington
Instagram @goneskatingstudio
Website goneskatingstudio.com

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