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Skateboarder And Podcast Episode 10

Discipline TM Mat Lloyd is back with a little ‘Public Service Announcement’ via episode 10 of the ‘Skateboarder And…’ podcast.

If you haven’t been listening via Soundcloud or subscribed via iTunes, what have you been doing? You’ve already missed episodes with; Death Skateboards head honcho Nic Zorlac, photographer & Rogue Skateboards boss Jenna Selby and Serious Adult's Artist Gregory Conroy to name but a few!

In this short episode we find out what’s been happening and who he’s got lined up for the next episode.

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We are an independent skateboard company based in the south. We have been putting out boards and supporting a team of riders since 2007. We are supported by a small network of independent skate shops. Fuck big business, fuck fashion, this is skateboarding!


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