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Ginge's Column - Street league we ain't

Scott 'Ginge' Partington has been part of the Discipline family for years. When he's not on his skateboard he's a widely published freelance writer and avid woodworker. This is his semi/regular column, enjoy.
I have been thinking about this for a while.. The act of training to skate, is quite an odd concept in my opinion because whether you are having fun skating or 'training' you are simply skating. Your mind set may be different during these sessions but what you are doing is the same thing.  
I much prefer to have fun while I skate rather than train. I do not try the same trick over and over again daily to perfect the tricks that I can do, I just skate and I am sure that many of you are the same. I am not saying that training is a bad thing, if that's the way you want to skate then have it.  
I guess what I am saying is that for me, the fun side of skating is just simply skating. Not driving myself crazy all the time if I don't land bolts on all the kickflips I do in a session. If I land one kickflip bolts a session and have a laugh with my mates, that to me is a Street League gold medal.

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