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Skatepark Report: Thame ain't tame

Thame just got a new 925 square metre skate park, so a couple of the team had to go check it out. The dedicated crew at Wheelscape worked with the Thame Usergroup for over two years to design the park and it's fucking RAD!  We'll be posting videos/pics from the session on our Instagram.

 What's it got:

  • Large Bowl with hips, rolled sections, jump ramp, spine, Wallride, varying height ramps from 1.3-2.3m 
  • Split Street Course 
  • Level Change with large 3 set of stairs, hubba ledge, step-up gap and handrail 
  • Kicker to kicker/Flat Bank Hip Blend with Handrail 
  • Various Flat Ledges/Rails/Ledge Combos 
  • Quarter Pipe Channel Gap over Bank to Block 
  • Large 4 Set with Slider Hubba 
  • Slappy Kerb (yes you read that right)
  • Large Handrail 
  • 3 Way Pyramid Hip 

Address: Thame Skatepark, Meadow View Park, Tythrop Way (A4129) , OX9 3RN, Thame, Oxfordshire

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