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Where's the 'Home Made' Discipline video?

Skate videos are like a good whisky, a fine wine, a good cheese, you can't rush them....Ok they're more like that urine sample your doctor asks for.  You know, you're busting for a pee and as soon as the Doctor hands you the plastic piss catcher you suddenly can't....

Ok I have no idea what that was all about, don't fret, we're just saying, all the great skate videos were delayed; Creature, Plan B, VANS...ok we're not comparing our up coming 'Home Made' video to any of those, hell no!  We're just saying, it's on the way...and currently we are only a year behind schedule, which in skateboarding, that's not bad!

Till then, here's the original teaser trailer, it's BANGIN!

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We are an independent skateboard company based in the south. We have been putting out boards and supporting a team of riders since 2007. We are supported by a small network of independent skate shops. Fuck big business, fuck fashion, this is skateboarding!


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